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  • E5 MODEL home use AC ev chargerVeKon EV Charger E5 Model for home use AC ev charger

  • VeKon EV Charger E5 Model for home use AC ev charger features are :

    1.Modular design, easy installation and maintenance(Plug | Type B RCD | Contactor| Controller)

    2.Volume compact

    3.With RFID function

    4.Using our own produced type B RCD ,performance is more reliable . Till now the failure rate feeded back from our clients are very low .

    5.We can help your company apply CO-CE with very cheap cost .

    6.We are the only one company in China ,who produce both ev charger and its key parts type B RCD and controller .We can control the quality from beginning parts .

    7.We can help you design your own idea wallbox and print your logo ,too .

    8.Till now we get very low failure rate from our current Europe clients .

    Intelligent ControllerTriple-color LED indicetor status Optional current setting by   Dip switch from 10 A to 32A
    RCD   protectionBuilt-in Type B RCCB 63A 30mA residual current protection
    Quick ChargeUp to Max 21.6KW Charging Power
    Outdoor MountingRated IP55 protection
    UV resistant plastic housing
    Operation temperature -40℃ to 55℃
    Cable Spectfication
        TUV approved
    Charge cord length-5m tethered cable
    3×2.5mm2+2×0.75mm2,1 Phase
    5×6mm2+2×0.75mm2,3 Phase                        

    Technical data sheet

    ModelSpecifificationCharging PowerCompliance standards
    E5T213232A 240Vac Single phase, Type 2,3.7KW|7.2KWIEC/EN61851-1:2017   EN 61851-22:2002
    c/w 5meter tethered cableIEC/EN61008-1:2015 IEC/EN 62423 for RCCB
    E5T233232A 415Vac Three phase , Type 2,11KW|22KW IEC 62196-1(Type 2) and   J1772(Type 1)for plug
    c/w 5 meter tethered cable
     E5T223216A 240Vac Single phase , Type 1,3.7KW|7.2KW
    w/o cable untethered 
     E5T243232A 240Vac Single phase , Type 1,11KW|22KW  
    w/o cable   untethered 




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